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The origin of Valentine’s

What is valentine’s?But before that , there are myths and facts in everything. Myths about valentine’s is that ,some say it’s satanic because of the reds that simply blood. Others say that it’s meant for lovers because of the reds too. It is also mythed to be miserable for single persons.well, the fact about valentine’s is that it is celebrated in memory of saint valentine’s. It is a celebration of love and affection. Saint Valentine’s was a priest in Rome who broke the rules of Emperor Claudius . He banned marriage  because he thought it resulted to bad soldiers. St. Valentine’s arranged marriages in secret. He was there after sentenced to death. He sent a letter to his girlfriend on the eve of the sentence and on it, it was written, from your valentine’s. Ever since, people use St. Valentine’s name to express what they feel to their loved ones on the same day that he was sentenced


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