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I am transparent 💦. I am Naive🥀💧.

I I’m transparent. I am naive. I want to have a blessing like the rest. Isn’t that what God wants us to have. Blessings? Both spiritually,financially and family. This are thoughts from a 21st century babe. They will probably get a boyfriend which they commit their expectations to. This is dangerous when you got no exposure right? Wether Primary or Secondary level, I don’t when you, my dear, had your first love. But i do know we were both naive. Pack that child dramatic life.

I love College. Not the study part or the survival part. It’s the part where we get to meet different people from all parts of the country. And with the fact that mom and dad are away. (When you get kids one day, purpose to raise them well, else they’ll suffer). That goes without a saying. Anyways, Do you love family? I love Family. I dream to have one in the future. Many of us, in college, university or youth are secretly finding for a perfect soulmate. As tough as it seems. People are not loyal, they have ego, others date the elderly, others just want to survive while others want to love.

College and stuff

We are always loving those that love other things or people. And when we are loved, we genuinely don’t need what God has presented. Can we teach us to love those that love us? Or will we keep on pushing to getting a matched energy. I will marry when I want😔.


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  2. It’s super, keep it glowing

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    1. Thank you 😊❤️.


  3. Nice Bbg🔥🔥

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    1. Thank you 😊❤️.


  4. Nice one 🔥

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